Roger works with organisations large and small to help management understand the practical implications of digital business, and to take active steps to ensure success in this new era. Here are some recent examples of how Roger has helped individual clients:

As part of a Board level strategy, Roger provided external input on new operating models for one of the UK’s largest government departments. The outcome was a 30% reduction in the size of the workforce as the Department transitioned to a customer focused philosophy: shifting the agenda from welfare to well-being


Roger led an assessment of Shell IT’s strategic challenges and opportunities to enable one of its main vendors to align directly with its future needs. This highlighted the growing influence of Cloud based services and the possibility that Shell could partner with AWS and AZURE for its infrastructural needs.

Reckitt Benckiser

Roger helped RB to identify and visit some 15 start-up companies that could add value in the areas of digital media and new consumer products. This concluded in a trip to Israel to meet with leading entrepreneurs. A deal has been forthcoming with Brandcops to eliminate grey sellers on the Amazon and eBay platforms.

TATA Communications

A lead challenger in the global telecommunications sector, Roger assisted the head of strategy in developing a disruptive approach to the market based on public cloud services that were designed to eliminate traditional private networks.


Following a decision to adopt an integrated approach to functional services across Europe, Roger led a team to implement a single IT support structure serving 26 countries. The outcome was a 50% reduction in cost to serve, and an equivalent improvement in customer satisfaction


For a leading energy utility, Roger helped an internal team to design a new business and technology architecture to deliver the necessary agility and efficiency to succeed against traditional incumbents and newcomers to the industry.


As the company moved from a structure based on national organisations to one that focused instead on global brands, Roger worked with the Board to transform the entire IT organisation into a single, integrated global structure based on One-SAP.

Lloyds Banking Group

Working with a partner team, Roger oversaw the merger of Lloyds Bank and HBoS during a five-year transition period following the financial crisis of 2008. He also instigated an innovation programme to enable the Bank to become Digital.

Centrica Energy

Roger assisted the executive committee in assessing risks, both positive and negative, associated with digital business. The outcome was a revised risk register that helps the Board track competitive moves as well as the possibility of internal disruptions.


During the boom, Roger assembled a small team of managers to explore options for one of the UK’s leading insurance groups. Within three months the team generated four new start-up ventures, one of which has become a mainstream success – More>Than.